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Branding in the 21st century

Movements triggered by social, economic events created drastic changes in the structure of the global economy.

Marketers and Brand builders have to strike a balance between following† global economic changes and† retaining their point of view on how to manage their Brands.† While many Corporation resort to immediate austerity measures others are capitalizing on the situation by implementing marketing expansion plans.† Typically this is also a time of great innovations.

Products and Brands that highlight† environmentally friendly features receive preferable consideration because of growing public awareness. While at the same time there is growing need for basic products and services† in developing regions.

This presents Branding opportunity on both ends of the scale. Highly priced brands and quality commodity Brands. .

When† the Brand custodian looses sight of the relevance of their Brand and its parameters, they are bound to weaken the Brand. This means taking† a considerable risk because consumers can not only see through the Brandís weaknesses, but it can cause major Brand reputation damage.††††

In todayís marketing, Brand vacuum does not exist.†† Once a Brand losses its leadership position,other† Brands quickly capitalize on that† weakness to gain the favor of† consumers.The saving grace however is that most marketers react too late and in retrospect.†







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