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Late awakening, accelerated Branding

The call to the gate of flight 606 was late. And when it finally opened, a crowd of impatient travelers rushed own the escalator towards the exit doors to the waiting busses. But† as an elderly person got stuck at the bottom of the escalator, the following passengers could not help it but cash into him, causing a calamity. Quickly a pile of people found themselves on the floor on top of one another.† Trying the escape the inevitable, some turned around only to find more people rushing down towards the them.

Meanwhile the heap of screaming people compounded. Including children. Hysteric mothers screamed helplessly. No one at the top of the escalator had the presence of mind to press the emergency button and stop the escalator.†
A† harmless† situation turns into panic in no time.†††††
Eventually the crowd dispersed and with the help of some people cool headed people, the situation was rectified.

Changing the norm usually generates† panic and chaos.But changes are imminent and unpredictable. The art of survival is to embrace changes, mindfully.

More integration, more innovations, better† communication at all levels.†

Korea for example† is making an extra ordinary effort to appeal to South East Asian markets by supporting their industrial designers, their† actors and public personalities. Countries in the middle East build futuristic, environmentally conscious† cities to demonstrate advance thinking.
The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and† Dubai† spend† large funds in Africa,† Asia and the United States† to establish themselves in† world markets. Pro bono activities initiated by American and European donors turn to the lesser fortunate countries to build their image as philanthropic donors. Once again a Branding effort.†
Politicians† have come to realize that the imbalance in resources versus population growth needs to be managed in order to maintain some kind of economic equilibrium.
One objective of such massive investments is also to create Brand awareness and good will.

Branding has not only gone truly global but is happening at a faster rate than ever.††The† policies aim† to create† consumerís trust† in order to stimulate the economy. But at the same time citizens became†† suspicious of marketing promises.††Global† communication is being exploited but by and large remains underdeveloped, even though the formula of adding Brand values is relatively simple. A brand guarantees the quality of products and services.†



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