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"Brand building 101"
A 6 part lecture about Branding. Where Brands come from, what are the key issues. Essential background about consumerís behavior and tools for Executives who manage Brands.

"The Practical Workshop"
Exploring strategies for developing Brand equity to reach long term growth. It includes lectures and discussions about branding in a volatile market.

"Idea Generating Session"
Introducing tools to build up the capacity of generating ideas. Identifying the reasons why one idea works and another other does not. Including examples and exercises.

"Creative Workshop"
Introducing ways to effectively increase Brand value through articulation of a Brand proposition. Exploring examples of powerful Branding ideas.

"Brand Clinic"
Turning value propositions into incremental Brand value. Revisiting failed Brand strategies and introducing tools that can revitalize and save ailing brands.

"Brand Identity Classic"
A review of existing Brand Identities. Discussion of how Brand Identities can be instrumental in retaining a Brand image in customerís minds.

"Brand Ambassador"
Enabling managers to device effective CRM (Customer Relationship Management) programs. Building strong Brand customer relationships. Understanding the emotional bonds between customers and Brands. It includes a section about Brand reputation.

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