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What makes marketing- inspired branding so special? Marketing seeks customer’s decisions in a competitive environment. Marketing – inspired branding seeks customer’s relevant differentiations that add value to brands.

this course a farfetched situation will be transformed into a real case of an whereby a new brand finds a leading position in a new category. In this course, we shall examine how customers make a decision when they don’t know enough about the product or the brand.

Key benefits to members.
  • ❏  New methods and practices of gaining incremental profit through adding value to brands.
  • ❏  Revelations about how customers make a purchase decision.
  • ❏  Shortly after implementing the templates, members will be able to gain incremental profit.

Innovation is a customer’s mind changer. It sets new value standards within the category. In this course we shall follow an actual example of how a simple product innovation enabled a brand to become a leader in the business to customer segment.

Key benefits to members.
  • ❏  Gaining new methods to beat the competition through relevant innovations.
  • ❏  Gaining customer’s trust by taking the right kinds of risks.
  • ❏  Selecting the right criteria for the introduction of an innovation.
  • ❏  Setting up an internal R&D Innovation hub.

Recognizing the decisive role communication has in marketing, is the reason why so many leaders to engage in improving the communication practices within their organizations. Setting up a communication metric turns out to be a commercial advantage. .

Key benefits to members.
  • ❏  Gaining advantage in negotiations through improved communication.
  • ❏  Gaining influence amongst colleagues and collaborators.
  • ❏  Enhancing customer’s belief and trust through mindful communication.

Each M•I•B• course is based on actual cases. However, for confidentiality reasons we shall not disclose the names of protagonists or the actual figures of profit from marketing – inspired branding efforts.

  • ❏   Each course is a video with an audio track that explains the richly illustrated chapters.
  • ❏   Each course is between 30-45 minutes long. It can be stopped and rewound at any point.
  • ❏   Each chapter has a Q&A depicted from that chapter. You are welcome to send your question to info@goslar.co.th and you shall receive an answer within 3 days.

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Course boosters are subject-specific PowerPoint presentations (Between 65-95 slides) including grafts and practical templates. Please indicate on your order form which two courses would you like to book.
[  ] Course Opportunities turned into realities.
[  ] Course Innovations. The best way to beat the competition.
[  ] Course Communication in the age of communication inflation.

Booster: Which booster would you like to have as a bonus for the 2 courses that you've purchased?
[  ] Governance & leadership Management.
[  ] HR, a new business mantra.
[  ] Ai & Ei harmonization.
M•I•B• (marketing-inspired branding) Course Boosters.
Extended know how, additional insights and templates on specific subjects. Couse boosters are subject specific Power Point presentations (Between 65-95 slides) including grafts and practical templates. Practitioners found it to be very useful in their daily marketing business
Governance and leadership are the two entities that influence the socio-economic status of everyone. How well these entities are managed, has a profound effect on business.

This course includes a practical action plan indicating how the governance activates lead to a more efficient management. Whereby the term governance does not describe governments’ activities but the governing function that is inherent in any organization. Reducing structural administration and adding governance virtues to business. A proactive management protocol provides many advantages.

Companies benefit greatly from this new HR mantra.

There is an untapped incremental value that comes from motivated employees that see a long-term perspective in their job. The new HR business mandate demonstrates with examples how companies makes incremental gains by developing a symbiotic HR culture, whereby employees see a long term perspective in their job. Adding profit with a motivation culture is the new HR mandate is an inexpensive internal affair

The benefits of harmonizing AI and EI

Understanding the virtues of each of these tools increases the chance of scoring big in marketing. “Algorism lets us reach millions of potential customers across the globe with an innovative message [ generated by an emotional intelligence] Emotional Intelligence identifies measures to rectify misconception Emotional Intelligence identifies measures to rectify misconceptions about a brand. The harmonization of Ai & Ei is a value-added proposition that generates incremental profit.

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